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The birth injury falls under a very specific area of personal injury law. Unlike other traumas, birth trauma may not appear until months or years after the fact. In addition, many birth injuries could have been prevented with proper medical care. Hence, you need Birth injury lawyers from AFS LAW FIRM who can help bring justice to families affected by birth injuries. You shouldn’t go to any lawyer such as a personal injury lawyer in this type of case.

Medical injuries to babies during delivery can happen anytime, so a maternity injury attorney wants your case. You can get compensation through settlements and jury decisions can run into the millions. The purpose of this page is to provide tips for finding the right legal team for your child and your family.

Parents should never expect childbirth to harm their children. Also, some birth injuries are minor, while others can leave a baby disabled for life. Financial compensation can cover lifelong medical expenses for the treatment of birth injuries. Some congenital trauma cases bring in millions of dollars for families affected by severe birth trauma. Every case is different, but proper medical care may have prevented some birth injuries.

However, when a tragedy strikes and a newborn is diagnosed with a congenital trauma, parents wonder how this happened and start thinking about the future. Birth injuries occur before or during delivery and can often be prevented. Seven out of every 1,000 newborns are injured during labor and delivery. This trauma forces families to struggle emotionally and financially to cope with the difficulties involved.

Reasons For Birth Injury

Medical professionals have years of experience in childbirth, if not decades. They need to know how to safely prevent birth injuries and potentially dangerous conditions. Unfortunately, medical professionals can make easily preventable mistakes that lead to birth injuries. If this happens, it can be considered medical malpractice.

Birth injuries happen for many reasons and are often unavoidable with the most advanced and diligent obstetric care. But unfortunately, a big number of birth injuries are outcomes of careless medical care or supervision at the period of pregnancy or delivery. Doctors and hospital staff handle many birth cases and, like all of us, can make medical errors. However, not all cases are unintentional. Many times, Doctors and hospital staff like to take shortcuts. Moreover, they can be distracted for personal reasons. When this kind of natural human error occurs in obstetric medicine, it can often lead to serious and permanent injury to the baby and can be ignored.

What Should You Do In Case Of Birth Injury?

Our law system allows children and parents to claim financial compensation from responsible health care providers if improper health care causes birth injuries. The first step in seeking financial compensation for a birth injury is to find and retain a birth injury attorney. Finding a good birth defect attorney to handle your case is crucial to your chances of success, but the process can be difficult and confusing for most people. This article describes the challenges of this process.

An adept birth injury attorney from AFS LAW FIRM who specializes in representing plaintiffs on a contingency basis in medical malpractice cases related to birth trauma. Birth injury proceedings are several types of medical malpractice proceedings. These include allegations that a doctor, hospital, or medical professional violated standard treatments and caused birth injuries.

Birth injury attorneys from AFS LAW FIRM understand these challenges and exist for parents at every stage. As one of the best legal firms for you, we recognize that our role as a congenital injury attorney goes beyond the courts. Our attorneys have won millions of dollars in awards for their clients over the decades.

In addition to being able to enthusiastically represent our client and the affected child. As one of the best legal firms for you, we also recognize the need to be responsive to the challenges you and your child face every day. Our goal on your behalf is to ensure that you receive the best possible reward and care for yourself and your child outside of the legal field.


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